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All year enrollment.

Next day coverage. 

Personal Accident Insurance, simplified. When an accident happens, you decide how to use your cash benefit, regardless of existing insurance.

Things like lost wages plus out-of-pocket expenses can add up. Focus on healing, less on financial setbacks related to your accident. 


as low as
  • Choose between $100, $250 or $500 and watch it shrink 20% each year without incident.


as low as
  • Cover yourself, spouse, children and family for under $40. 

How does Financial Design Personal Accident Insurance work?

Personal Accident Insurance steps in to pay for unexpected out-of-pocket costs that result from your accident.

Submit claim within 72 hours after initial care, get reimbursed with your cash benefit.

It can be paired with your current medical plan by extending your protection — It’s that simple.

Your straightforward accident plan only requires two decision points: 

Annual Benefit Amount:

Your total amount of available benefits.  

Annual Deductible:

The amount you pay before benefits activate.

How might you use your Personal Accident cash benefits?
You decide. 

Childcare Expenses

Home Care & Housekeeping


Yard work

Cover the unexpected. Focus on healing.

Al Holdorf

Al Holdorf

Account Executive

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